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Virtual betting

Hiii..... i need someone to build/write a virtual betting software which runs with the same algorithm and statistics as the virtual software used by major sports betting companies like bet365 please only those who can really write/build this software should respond to this project. thanks

6/6/2021 7:47:56 PM

Mohamed Rachid

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Hi Mohamed Rachid If you’re looking for someone to make an app try… Or linkedin or facebook groups for collaberators Remeber Sololearn is for learning not work


Hi Mohamed Rachid , This section is for asking programming related questions ! Your question is off-topic! So your question will be viewed by our mods and can be mark for Del. As you are new here, read the guidelines [ helpful for you ] - Regards, TT


Betting algorythms will vary by game. It's a full science, not some tiny script. You must know the odds of every possible outcome in that particular game and probably much more. Betting algorythms for BlackJack is very different than betting algorythms for Baseball. Most sports betting algorythms also take into consideration all the bets placed. If two teams are up against each other, then one is probably more likely to win. People will bet on that team more than on the other. So the algorythm updates the odds based on how much money is placed on one team or the other. The goal being that it encourages more people to bet on the loser in hopes of higher payouts. You would have to calculate how much the casino would have to pay out each winning bet versus how much money was bet on losing bets to make sure that the house makes a profit on top of all the winners. It should be impossible for the total of winning bets to exceed the money collected on the total of losing bets. This is not a small task.


I recommend you choose a much simpler project ambition or go search github and choose a project that fits your needs. You’re asking for way too much for free. If you want to build a betting site, it will cost you a large investment.


Ollie Q suggested how to hire someone to write a betting/odds program for you. But you might find something quite useful in GitHub as well. But that code will be more complicated than you probably really want to study. Anything in open source would be the best way to truly learn the science. However, you are not allowed to copy their code for a for-profit software. It would be useful only for learning or for building an app that honors the open source agreement.


Jerry Hobby Thanks for your advices. So if I understand it is to get the same codes. if so what do you recommend. Thanks


Jerry Hobby Thanks for your advices


You are looking for something like this ?