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Regarding frontend

Can It be done by css or there will be use of JavaScript in this... For example how do you add to something like (I'll tell) In picture, when you hover the mouse on it, it gets blurry and shows a text.

6/4/2021 1:56:47 PM

Minhaj Haider(MiDer)

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It could be done with css with no JavaScript. eg. div:hover .txt { display: block; } div .txt { display: none; } Or You can also do it with JavaScript with just toggling the display property of the text.


It might be able to be done with CSS but im no expert. I would thing you would need JavaScript



That should be achievable with Css, with the use of transition ...lets say .test{ Display:none; transition:display 900ms ease-in; } .test:hover{ Display:block: } or instead of display, you can use visibility: none; then visibility:visible; Hope this helps