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Difference b/w WWW and Internet?

I'm just unable to understand the difference between two, can you just show it more practically?


5/28/2021 4:43:13 PM


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www is just one of many services. Each service has its own protocol. e.g. http / https for www smtp / pop3 / imap for e-mail ftp / sftp for data transfer


I forgot to tell in my previous posting that "internet" is just the medium which is used to transport the different services.


Himansh Yes, that is the case. Compare it with two people talking to each other. Internet is the medium which transports the information. It is like the air which transports the sound waves which are just frequent changes in the density of the air. This is necessary but not sufficient that the two people understand each other. That this occurs, they must speak the same language. That is the role of the protocol. Language is defined on the base of vocabulary and grammar. Sender and receiver must know the same vocabulary and grammar for successful communicating with each other.


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Jan Markus Got it! Thankyou so much:)


Genuine Stalwart it is still not much clear but thanks for helping:)


Jan Markus and I think the models (how they work) are also different for each other like client server model is only used in www and email maybe using some other model?????


Jan Markus Is it right that internet uses various services to communicate between various computers and without which, we can never communicate by internet?