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Anyone could tell me what I am making wrong in this code please ? The program you are given declares LinkedList "words". Write a program to take words as input and add them to LinkedList untill its size isn't equal to 5, then output only those words whose length is more than 4 characters. Sample Input Java practice is makes perfect Sample Output practice makes perfect here is my try?

5/22/2021 6:19:16 PM

フアンラモーネMH, ]

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//Please Subscribe to My Youtube Channel //Channel Name: Fazal Tuts4U import java.util.LinkedList; import java.util.Scanner; public class Main { public static void main(String[ ] args) { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(; LinkedList<String> words = new LinkedList<String>(); while(words.size()<5){ String word = scanner.nextLine(); words.add(word); } for(String wordShow: words){ if(wordShow.length() <= 4){ }else{ System.out.println(wordShow); } } } }


//your code goes here for(String w: words){ System.out.println(w.length()); } Here you are printing the length of each word. But you need to print w if w.length() > 4 So add a if statement inside the loop.


thank you very much guys


You're printing word length instead print word if it's length is >=5 as for(String w: words) if(w.length()>=5) System.out.println(w);