how does command become executed using subprocess or os ... ?

can you just explain to me how does the libraries execute a command? and please make it simple :).

9th May 2021, 12:35 AM
Imrane Aabbou
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An operating system provides a lot of libraries that enable programs to access things like the keyboard , mouse , video, files , network, etc. Applications, therefore, must be compatible with the operating system to operate. When you write code, the compiler translates your code into something that the operating system can load and run. When your program tries to do something, it asks the operating system, or perhaps the hardware directly , to do something. Every piece of hardware and all the features of the operating system wait for instructions from your program. While you see your code, there’s millions of functions and features that are made available to you by the operating system and hardware. The people who write those are called systems programmers. They create the capabilities for your program to use.
9th May 2021, 1:26 AM
Jerry Hobby
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