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Is it normal when some tasks can only be checked on a computer?

5/8/2021 5:44:31 PM

Regaliv Derif

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what do you mean? what tasks? maybe try to rephrase your question a bit and make it clear so it's easier for other people to help you out.


The code i write in sololearn it does not works it says "NO connection"


fun main(args: Array<String>) { var letter = readLine()!![0] val names = arrayOf("John", "David", "Amy", "James", "Amanda", "Dave", "Bob", "Billy", "Bobby", "Diana", "Lenny", "Gina") val res = names .filter {it[0]== letter } for(x in res){ println (x) } } For example, this task was tested only on a computer.


Well, the problem is more that the computer is not always nearby. And it's hard to understand why the check fails. Either I was mistaken or the reason is different.


Yes, it's better to try out some codes on computer.. Like, frameworks and all doesn't work on mobiles compilers...