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How do I learn Python for my specialization

I've been learning python for quite more than a year now, I've not been able to build any application or do a worthwhile project. I've learnt the basics, conditionals, loops, dictionary, data structures, etc but I don't know where how to go forward again. Please suggest answers and if possible useful links or PDFs I've read some books but I'm not really flowing in it. Help, how do I develop my programming skills to a satisfactory level

5/6/2021 11:50:47 AM

Faith Adepoju

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Per Bratthammar Thanks so much I will do just that Working the solutions out on the code coach challenges


Hi! There are no codes that shows your progress. Maybe you store them private. But before thinking of specialization, you have to put together every thing you learned in different kind of codes. I suggest you start doing all solutions here on SoloLearn; for example Code Coaches and Solutions in different courses. This give you experience. At least you have to use what you’ve learned so long. Half an hour every day, at least. For example: Make a working calendar for different year and month, without importing anything, of course.