Python 2 or Python 3

I am new to python, I came across many tutorials which give a complete course on python. But some of them teaching Python 2 while other Python 3, so as a beginner which is better to learn, and why?

3/26/2017 3:52:15 AM


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Python 3 is better and more useful!


You should go with Python 3. Python 2 is reaching it's end of life, and is no longer under active development. Python 3 is the replacement for python 2, and it brings many improvement, including, but not limited to: syntax, run-time, etc.


@Harshit Gupta: If you're just going to copy-paste, at least provide the source. https://wiki.python.org/moin/Python2orPython3


If you beginn writing in Python, you should choose Python 3. It has a lot more options, but the Syntax is a little, a litttttttle bit different to Python 2.


python 2 will be obsolete in the near future : join the python 3 bandwagon


Python 3 for sure.


Which version you ought to use is mostly dependent on what you want to get done. If you can do exactly what you want with Python 3.x, great! There are a few minor downsides, such as very slightly worse library support and the fact that some current Linux distributions and Macs are still using 2.x as default (although Python 3 ships with many of them), but as a language Python 3.x is definitely ready. As long as Python 3.x is installed on your user's computers (which ought to be easy, since many people reading this may only be developing something for themselves or an environment they control) and you're writing things where you know none of the Python 2.x modules are needed, it is an excellent choice.


You should learn python 3


Python 2 will cease updates in 2020. Treat it as if it were already gone if you care anything about support for your projects. Python 3.6, as of this writing, is the most current and widely supported version thus far.


Python 2.7 have a great code base as examples, and for newbie, it is very easy to understand, why your code is not running as intended. Also, on small, educational and easy projects you will not see any differences with 3.1 (3.2) version. So it is my way. I'll also learning Python now, and 2.7 is my choice. So when you will see, where is 2.7 is not enough for current code, you already will know how to switch to the 3


obviously the latest one is mostly better & faster


Python 3 is more eficient


Python 3 is the latest and they are very similar.If you have had a good command of python 3,it'll be easy for you to learn python 2.


it is better to learn python 3....there are little things which are different between python 2and 3 and as python 2is ending its life as our friend said so it is better to work with python 3 from first ...u know ... and some features r improved in python 3


use python3 it contains more features than python 2


python 3 is more usefull and it is the lastest version


undoubtedly python 3


python 3 is good choice for new learners.


Python 3 is the most efficient


i would recommend Python 3, for it is more refined tool