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With alot of new programmers here, I have to recommend you try codewars. you are givin challenges and you complete them in any way you can. once you pass the challenge you, you can see how everyone else got to the desired outcome. Helps greatly in the learning process.

3/26/2017 12:10:28 AM


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Thanks for the recommendation. It's an excellent platform indeed.


CodeWars and Hackerrank look very promising. SoloLean is fun, but very limited in scope and the challenge will read a cap very soon if you're a more experienced progammer.. nThe tutorials ae for beginners and the community seems to consist, for a large part, of young people -and novices. Which is fine; everyone needs some placxe to start and I wish I had had a service like this 10 years ago. I can't say anything definite yet about Codewars or Hackerrank, but they already look more challenging. Something clled CodeCombat also looks interesting; it's literally gamified combat, where you write commands as code.


the problem with codewars is there are challenges that have no test cases set, lots of them, specially in the higher levels, I got discouraged by that. I would recommend hackerrank and codefights over codewars any day.


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