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What's is the error (java)

Good day guys, please am finding it difficult debugging my java code, am try to reverse a string converted into array(arr) using for loop. How i did it Char result = ' '; For( int i = arr.length; i >=0; i--) { char result =+ arr[i]; } System.out.println(result); Error = possible lossy conversion int to char. But am still having errors, please help 🙏 me. Thanks 😊 Sir YUGRAH i have done that but still having issues.

5/1/2021 3:16:25 PM

Hillary Chikendu

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Hillary Chikendu 1 - There is no syntax like =+ It should be += 2 - There should not be result as a Char because char store one character only so there should be String. 3 - if you declare variable inside loop then you cannot access outside the scope. Here is correct solution of your problem. String name = "Anant"; char[] arr = name.toCharArray(); String result = ""; for (int i = arr.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) { result += arr[i]; } System.out.println (result);


Correction : String result; //it's a string not char For(int i =arr.length-1;i>=0 ;i--) //arr.length-1 because arr.length gives an exception { result +=arr[i]; // =+ is nothing }


Actually you declared result inside the loop you can't access it outside


Thanks everyone the problem is solved.