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How to create a password cracker?

I want to know that how can I create a password cracker which is basically a hacking tool. Please help me.

4/29/2021 5:05:23 PM

Anikur Rahman

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Don't waste your time with learning programming languages for ages. You can take a shortcut by using the right tools. In I show my most powerful tool If you don't want to make your own hands dirty, I suggest to get a hacker: Fields of hacking: Facebook (by Frogged) hack with HTML (by Galaxy Coding) how to hack NASA (by Rishav Tiwari) Moderators' hacking tutorial (by BroFar): Phishing tool (by SpaceBarMönkey) how to use hacking tools correctly: (by Jan Markus)


Jan Markus .... deine Kernkompetenz ist gefragt


Cryphean oh yes☠☠


Frogged oh no xD