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Hey Guys, I'm a new coder in general. I want to learn how to make a website, tools, programs and more. So i think its a good idea to start with HTML. Anyone have something else i should start with? Or any tips to give me to help me learn faster and better? Any eBooks? Anything would help me! Thank you in advance

7/26/2016 10:26:49 AM


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dude it's very long definition so not possible to explain this way


I actually think there are a lot of good tutorials, resources, and blog guides out there, and generally most of them will do a good job. A quick google search will list >1 million results: I would recommended you Jon Duckett's two-book set consisting of ‘HTML & CSS: Designing and Building Web Sites’ and ‘JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Development’ is great way for people new in web design to using this visually attractive books dive into HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.