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Function as object

Can someone teach me on function as object in one by one process? I think the tutorial wasn't enough i guess? Haha. Thank you ❤️

4/16/2021 5:03:20 AM


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Kakai ahh okay. Here's an explanation about objects: And here's functions: Honestly that's a pretty in depth website about python.


A function is any contained code that you want to use, possibly over and over again. Kind of like a salt shaker. An object is a value that can have other values and functions as "children" nested inside. Kind of like a salt shaker where you also consider the shaker itself, too, not just the salt inside. What's great is that the idea of objects has helped spotlight issues with functions and you can now do just about anything with either.


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Kakai I'm not using Java, however I can probably find something. This looks very relevant! Make sure you understand the requirements of your Java programs, okay? Just in case though, take a look at this, too. It exemplifies functional programming in Java.


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