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Interacting with low level Windows stuff in Python

Hi. I'm looking for a course or let's say a tutorial for Python ctypes; but not those C language stuff. My purpose is kernel32 and I wanna work with kernel32 in Python. There are plenty of ctypes tutorial out there but just some boring things. Do you know any tutorial/book to start working with kernel32 in ctypes or does it worth learning it in Python? cuz C++ has much more powerful abilities in such things specially for low_level/system programming. Thanks in advance! :)

4/15/2021 10:00:20 PM

Parsa Karami

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What sort of functions are you wanting to use from kernel32? I would expect C/C++ would probably be a better choice for interacting with kernel32, apart from those features you can access using the builtin OS module -


Myk Dowling Thanks, helpful. Martin Taylor I said, using Python not C family, and what I got from docs for ctypes are just some basics about *using C built-in data types in Python* Which I called "Boring stuff" and there wasn't anything about ctypes.win32 so stop bullying me.