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Is there a good ECMAScript 12 course somewhere?

It's hard to find a functional course. Lots of history lessons, little code. I'm looking for something similar to Sololearn or even w3schools try it now. Help? Take a look for yourself

4/14/2021 12:29:04 AM

Phil Andy Graves

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Hey Phil, FYI, if you are interested in JS the same as me, I recomend you to take up Jonas Schemedtmann's complete JS course. It rocks! You can purchase it at You won't regret it. And if you need a book, I recommend JavaScript the definitive guide By David Flanagan or the eloquent JavaScript by Marjin Haverbeke. Brake a leg, pal🙏


Saleh not really. I am only taking the course here to keep me from getting rusty through the week.


Phil Andy Graves Oh see. You can visit Mozilla to keep you updated. By the way, it's up to you, dude. I just meant to set you at ease!


Saleh Ghazimoradi thanks. It's just I'm finding more these days from blogs than courses or books. I found a single post that went over, in detail, everything from es6 to es10. And I had to see if you would respond back! And let me know if you find anything else! Please and thanks (again) 😎


Phil Andy Graves sure, dude. And no sweat!