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Can I have a code run after a form in html?

I'm developing a project, and I have it start with a username and password screen. However, any code I put after this appears at the same time as the form. Is there a way for me to have the form run, and, upon completion, another code begins? For example: Enter username and password: username, password. When that's finished I want it to be: Please enter xyz: blah,blah,blah However, I don't want this done using alert in Javascript, as I have styled my form in CSS.

4/11/2021 9:54:48 PM


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Yes, that's called "static." One solution I've seen is done with forms that go to a new webpage. Still, I suggest calling out your professor for giving assignments like plaintext passwords!


You can save the code in SoloLearn and share the link to the saved code bit in the thread's Description. It is hard to tell what the issue is without first viewing the code.