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Will wordpress replace HTML nd CSS?

I kno ma question is a lil wierd but many websites have recently become WordPress and dis made me worry dat the old way of building a website will be replaced by WordPress. hopefully im not alone

4/9/2021 9:37:27 AM


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No and never. HTML and CSS are the main basis of any web application. Else, WordPress is buggy, vulnerable and the choice of amateurs. PHP is dying as well. If you wanna get a job after your learning journey this is what you need: JavaScript, React and Django. Angular and TypeScript are important to learn as well. If you want my advice: focus on JavaScript, React and Django for web development. Then go to kotlin for Android. Last but not least head to C#, it offers you all what you need to build native windows software and native Android app using xamarin framework, C# could also used to code web application.


Hi! don't worry, it won't replace it. the work of a web developer will be in demand


Would Wordpress replace HTML and Css? Think about these.. Would cars replace their car engines? Would hamburger replace sausage and bread? Would houses replace their walls, doors and windows? Would electric appliances replace wires and electricity? You can choose to use a car engine to build a car, but nobody would think that car can replace car engine or vice versa. Hope your get the answer now? Koshyar


No way. WordPress themes uses html and css in the first place. And good websites with fast speed and advance feature don't use wordpress.


Hi everyone! almost 2 weeks ago i shared this question.... And I noticed that it had over twenty thousand views.... WOW!.... it looks like so many people been thinking about this question....So i got my answer!..... IT DOESN'T REPLACE IT!..... The work of a developer never ends but becomes more and more over time....Wordpress is very easy to use.... Well thanks to HTML and CSS!.... If it wasn't for them none of the wordpress ready templates would ever been exist!... So if you are currently learning html and css, then you are in the right way!.... Keep it up mate! HAPPY CODING EVERYONE!



Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) Happy 2 hear dat


Calviղ Ya homz much appreciate it


Koshyar , Good question! Actually, your question was very thoughtful. According to me, this will never happen because a professional website can be made through HTML, CSS JS only not from WordPress. These are only for those people who neither have money to pay others to build their website nor, they have enough knowledge that they can do themselves. Remember, knowledge never goes in vain.


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