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Why are people keep spamming answers?

Why are people keep spamming answers even when an solution is already found

4/8/2021 8:13:03 PM

Julian Bents

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That's everyday problem for the community specially moderators Yeah even tho, I wan to ask the spammer why they spam for no reson if it was Possible


Ipang With spamming i mean: answering the already answered question or posting an answer that was already posted. Here is an example: Someone ask how to include a css file with html. I was the first who answered, but my answer was short, so someone else posted a more detailed answer, this is in my opinion completely fine and the question was marked as answered, but then about 10 people posted an answer with the same content


SoloLearn should require SEARCHING before you can post a question like many tech support forums do. That would eliminate a lot of the duplicate questions.


When the answers are relevant, I don't think it's that bad. Personally, I think spam or irrelevant questions are much worse. Anyway, Sololearn should have a feature to close a question so that no more answers are posted, but the question and answer/answers posted till that point should stay visible. I think if a poster chooses a best answer, they should then close the question for comments. Being able to close a question is a feature on other platforms. E.g. locking GitHub issues.


Posting an answer in a question having a best answer marked is not an issue. Languages evolve and go through changes, what was "right" at the time the question was posted may have changed, so are possible alternatives of ways to do things. Posting an answer in a question having a best answer marked is also not an issue when the OP (original poster) finds the answer (marked best) to be harder to understand due to difference of experience or/and depth of knowledge/understanding of the topic being discussed. Posting an answer that was already posted. Now this is something else, as we've mostly observed such events. Reasons may vary, from lack of, or no will to read the previous answers (tldr; many answers posted), gain votes from those who also view the answer copy without reading, etc. As CamelBeatsSnake mentioned, spams and/or irrelevant anseers are far worse. But as I see it, such things are quite common when a thread made it through Hot Today or Trending category, even in a thread of a moderator 😁


Ananiya Jemberu I appreciate your answer!! Wow👍👍


Julian Bents Well it's a human nature. If you say there is a hole in the ground don't go there but people who cares. Same like this people already know that asker got answer but still they post answer. You can't stop anyone to answer. But you can't say it's spam.


But what exactly did you mean "spamming answers"? aren't answers and spams totally different things?


🅰🅹 (Challenge Accepted) Maybe spamming is not the correct word. But what I try to say with spamming: Copy pasting answers or write the exact same answer, as i said before.