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Can I find a job with Solo learn certificate?

4/4/2021 6:27:06 PM

Dina Pourali

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SoloLearn certificates have very little real-world value. It shows some initiative to learn and that you have been exposed to a few languages, but it does not show you are capable of anything. What you really want to do is to complete your SoloLearn certificates so you are familiar with a language, then develop several small projects using that language. Post those projects on a GitHub account. That way employers can see that you understand the language well enough to actually use it, they can see how well you code, and that you are familiar with standard source code / version control tools. Then you’ll be ready for an interview. If you need ideas for projects, most people write small games. Write games that will illustrate the features of the language you’ve learned. Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, or if you have the ability, write bigger games like a chess game using Stockfish chess engine or something like that. You need to be able to demonstrate your skills. That’s the goal.


You can add the sololearn-certificates to your application, but don't be astonished if this causes dead by heavy laughter at your potential employer. 😳


Someday, I'll own a Major Tech Company and sololearn certificates will be considered valid and acceptable for employments. I learnt almost everything I know in tech from this great platform.


Nop, it's a certificate of a tutorial of that language only so it just means that u know the basics of that language... and this proof is not reliable as well... so that won't make u eligible for any technical job in programming...


Jan Markus and why does the discount from the certificate not apply to pet food?


someday, when you become the head of the company, you will understand that in order to get a job at least for the position of junior, you should learn so much besides the programming language and put so much effort for at least six months or a year that this knowledge will seem to you only a drop in the ocean


Thanks for your information.


Most interviewers will not care about Sololearn. Rather, they will test your knowledge of programming by asking you questions about data structures and algorithms. If you want to get a job, you might want to learn about data structures, learn about algorithms, and solve practice problems.


Yes. A little.


Well, that's deep @ Ярослав Вернигора(Yaroslav Vernigora) . Thanks for the clarification.


sadly no, but side projects can help you land job


Nope I think Its only given for learning The basic things. Which are not enough to get a job


In addition to the language, learn algorithms, data structures, version control systems, and various IDE's and Frameworks. what is presented here also as additional classes and only as the basics (at least thoroughly study one IDE and one Framework) open any vacancy of your chosen language and see for yourself. the employer will not pay for the training of an employee if it is not profitable for him. or he will spend on training, but you will have to work for a couple of years for a meager salary.


Hi! I think no, this will only be your first step up to your first job


sorry but no SOLOLEARN certificate is given only as a reward for completing the course it is not official


yup practice more.....


No.. you cannot


I think that when you get certificate it help you to find job somewhere it is good site


Sololearn is the worst app ever,I'm leaving and joining mimo