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Bank card

Debit card number I could not subcribe to sololearn with my bank card,it says ''correct this info or use another card'' I sent a message to [email protected] they told me to subscribe on app store or website.What do they mean by the word app store,how can i locate it? Furthermore,if subscribe on their website can i use the subscription on this app too. Your assistance is needed pls

4/3/2021 8:14:54 AM

Aliyu Shemsudeen

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Hello Aliyu Shemsudeen app store depending on your device: android: google app store iPhone: apple store If you don't have one of these app stores on your smartphone then you can google. Can you give more information about your problem? Did you download sololearn and now wants to buy the pro version? Or can't you download the sololearn app? The normal sololearn version is for free. You can go to the website or download the app and create an account. This account works for both, the app and the website. I hope this helps a bit.