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React vs Vuejs which one to choose

Good day guys I completed a JavaScript udemy tutorial two months ago and built some cool projects with it. Now I want to learn one of these JavaScript libraries to level up my skills so that I can start applying for jobs and internships. From my research I see react is in more demand than vue, but I already have a little previous experience of working with VUE and I really like it , but job opportunities for vue is small compared to react What do you think 🤔, should I continue learning vue or purchase this react course and learn it?

4/1/2021 4:31:11 PM

Victor Colt

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Depends on your target, on my opinion react.js better than vuejs


Depends on your need React is better for Single Page Applications, Vue is better for Progressive Web Applications Vue is easier, lightweight than React.


I am a bit biased because I don't know any Vue but I know some React. If you don't have considerable experience with Vue (i.e. what you can't pick up in a few days), I'd say you're starting on a level playing field. If so, I'd recommend React seeing as there are more React jobs than Vue jobs where you're looking. Also, it's the more popular of the two.



I recommend using nuxtjs if you want build web that need great SEO optimization. Yeah vue is good for progressive work, and react is good in Rapid Development. but if you want to get promising job at enterprise company. then i suggest you should not afraid of hellness angular course. the old guy need language similar to C# and java.