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How does Sololearn helped you to grow your skills?

How many of you found Sololearn an extremely useful tool?

3/23/2017 5:31:55 PM

Digital Saurav

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I can see this being a nice practical tool if some issues were cleaned up. I mainly have issues with the challenges​ being more math problems than programming ones and also the tutorials​ being a bit too simple. But perhaps I expect more coming from industry and know the struggles of university or just learning a new language on your own. With all this said, I can see why simplicity is needed in some cases. You can't feed a baby meat like the rest of the family. It needs milk to grow, then it can eat meat later. So too do our minds need time to grow to absorb new material.


For me, Sololearn is an extremely helpful tool. I learnt 75% of what I know (programming) through Sololearn.


variety of opinions, views, and inputs in general is the most valuable aspect of any community based activity. That said, giving the Social aspects too much credit, could end up translating the all the positive stuff into useless Social Entertainment.


Sololearn made programming more interesting for me. It really good platform to improve your skills with competitive environment and it keeps me alert that I have to lot to learn in programming.


I thinks that It's the popular and very helpful Social network which helps us to build a social network for programmers ,It brings people together who likes to work on same technology, and overall it's a great App just made for this generation.


i think SoloLearn is a great supplemental tool. i agree with Ace though, the tutorials are far too simple and if you ever plan on working in the field, you will be significantly unprepared unless you develop a solid foundation in programming (i.e., university - most expensive route but easier, coding bootcamps - less expensive route but moderate , and self -taught - nearly free route which requires the most discipline and usually the hardest.) I personally am self-taught without a Computer Science degree, and while there are alot of things that I am still learning or in some cases re-learning, but the point is that if you have the discipline, drive and determination to succeed, you can and will. I recommend networking as well.