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Which is better Android studio or Flutter

I was learning kotlin on android studio but when I heard about flutter, I wanted to change to it. But I don't think it supports kotlin. And the reason I want flutter is that, it can make the app for both ios and android devices. My question is should I start flutter or keep going with android studio. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š.

3/20/2021 6:15:30 AM

Mohammed Ali

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Hello there Mohammed, The main difference, as Mirielle[ Exams ] already said, is that android studio id an IDE and flutter a development kit provided by Google. For Android Studio you should know Java or Kotlin, and with it you can create native Android apps (only for Android). Native app means you have access to many elements that have a look as the original Android model. But if you want to use the app on IOS you need to write another code for it. The disadvantage of Android Studio is this; The timings of development are long. The official programming language of Flutter is Dart. It's a language similar to Javascript or c++. https://dart.dev/tutorials With flutter you can develop multiple platforms apps, in very shorts times. But the apps don't look very native, but flutters framework is nice too, with a nice ui. So I don't know wich is better for you, just use your favorite and wich you like more, based on what you want to create too. I wish you all the best and happy coding :)


You need to get it right, the difference between android studio(IDE) and flutter(SDK). Flutter is an SDK just like the android SDK, it's not something to be compared with android studio ( a development environment).


Mirielle[ Exams ] But how can configure with flutter sdk using vs code


I wasn't able to put this link about Dart in my answer, because of the limited received, so I'm putting it here :) https://www.sololearn.com/post/975270/?ref=app