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Errors in challenges.

Dear Administration, clean the questions and answers in the challenges. I do not exclude the fact that I myself am wrong, but some answers are really not correct(Especially pay attention to the increment and decrement). I am game in Java. People, I alone notice this or there is someone who agrees with me???

3/23/2017 3:13:44 PM


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@Tashi N The problem is that you can not see questions after the quiz (We are waiting for the next update), And the author's name is not always remembered.


I certainly already thought about it. Just want to enjoy the game :)


@Kuba the questions very interfere with learning


I think there are some mistakes. The only thing we can do right now is to try to contact the author and ask for correction. They can resubmit the quiz then.


Probably the problem just me, based on the popularity of the discussion)))


I found two mistakes in Python questions, which cost me 32xp :( Apparently, people know those and learn answers by heart :)


Try to take a screenshot if the quiz shows up again. Sry, idk any other way.


hi hi hi hi bye


i also found mistakes but then how such questions were approved ??


What to discuss? Screenshoot, test in the Code Playground or check in reference literature, send to SoloLearn. They replied to me within 24 hours. P.S. And ask them to feed an updated quiz to your next 10 challenges. You know whom to challenge then ;)


@Alx, they brought you back the lost xp? ;)


Kuba, I did not ask to. The main concern for me was correctness of an exercise. And I was lucky to recover soon in 1 win, totalling +4xp :)


Vega, that is how democracy works ;) But are you 100% sure, those were mistakes? Did you test them in Code Playground? Or in reference books?