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Question 5 Domestication was one of the major campaign message of a political party in Ghana. All it means is buy and eat what you produce locally. The government has decided to impose 200% tax on all imported food which can be produced locally. Upon discussion with various stake holders, it was agreed that the tax should be reduced to 120%. On a trial basis the following food items were tagged as the base for the comparison [yam, maize, rice, millet, plantain, cassava] You are to write a c++ program that will a) request for the name, price of imported food item and compare with the base. (7 marks) EV b) a tax of 5% is imposed on every food item, however if the imported food is in the base when compared, then an extra 120% tax based on the tax charged is added. (8 marks)CR c) Display the following results 1. name of food item 2. normal tax charged 3. extra tax charged if any (5 marks) AN


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Well BEST MICHAEL , Let's see what you've tried this far first, community helps out by suggestions and guides or links to references. First attempt is yours to take : )


You probably have to complete more than 0% of your C++ course to be able to do your (I guess) homework


A 120% tax will be levied on any answer obtained from outside of Ghana.