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Can I ???

Can I create my own js library as Bartika did but on sololearn not on github

3/3/2021 5:38:36 PM

Queen πŸ’œ

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this means that you can load raw files from sololearn, wich sounds impossible to achieve without hacking their private api... if they provide way(s) to retrieve raw source code (even bundled with others informations) ^^ however, this could break if sololearn update its api (recently website/api have been updated, and old api/hacks no more works)... so, I would say that a github account would be a quite better alternative ;)


Well, from experience probably not but you might


You can get some tips from her.


You can but it requires an extra code to get raw files from sololearn and this will make it to be very slow when loading your library into another code so I'll advice you to use the github and some cdn delivery engine. That's what most people use including me for my game engine


If you don't really care about other browsers except chrome and the firefox, then you can create an extension that just load your library whenever someone on such browsers wants to run your code. This will be much faster but stressful and I bet no one will trust and install your extension for security reasons


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