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How to get quiz reviewer badge?

Where I can find the quiz for reviewing? In older version of SoloLearn, the quiz review option was present but now in new updated SoloLearn, it isn't present.

2/22/2021 6:19:58 AM


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Shivanshu Mishra It is old and outdated one


Kindly use the Search bar ...Quiz Factory has been closed and So u cant review atm . If u feel the current quiz is outdated , feel free to Suggest to Sololearn by mailing at [email protected] ...


You will get this badge after you review the quiz in quiz factory but I new version The quiz factory feature has been removed because there were many quizzes which aren't yet approved...but I think when they will need more quizzes then they will again enable it...after they enable...then you'll be able to review!


AMOGHA. A. K. This badge showing currently but new updates remove this features only showing badge for only see and feel this badge


you are confusing me sir