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Can someone please help me with the tip calculator quiz

No matter how I try this thing I keep getting some crazy wrong answer this is how I'm writing it bill = int(input(50)) tip = bill*0.2 print(tip) Why is this wrong can someone please explain I'm new to this and could use a little help just point me in right direction please

2/17/2021 9:28:11 PM

Truckin Dovahkiin

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Then just do, bill=int(input()) tip=bill*0.2 print(tip) And it should work fine.


It prints 50 as well , try removing that.


Truckin Dovahkiin what output does program expects?


O I wrote what you wrote nice thanks for help


Tried it's still wrong says my input is 125 even though my input is 50


It says input 125 my output 10.0 expected output 25.0


Accidently figured out answer bill = int(input()) tip = (bill * 0.2) print(tip) I guess it didn't want anything input for bill and needed parentheses aroud bill * 0.2 The question at beginning said that the bill was 50 a tip at 20% so I thought I was solving the math problem and building the tip calculator but not solving the problem only building I feel dumb