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Python 24k magic

DeSCRIPTION Now that we know how to combine multiple conditions, let’s improve our gold purity checker program and output the corresponding purity level in Karats! Here is the purity chart we’ll be using: 24K – 99.9% 22K – 91.7% 20K – 83.3% 18K – 75.0% If the percentage is between 75 and 83.3, the gold is considered to be 18K. If it's between 83.3 and 91.7 - then it’s 20K, and so on. Given the percentage as input, output the corresponding Karat value, including the letter K. Sample Input: 92.4 Sample Output: 22K

2/17/2021 7:27:58 AM

Kim Hammar-Milliner

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Kim Hammar-Milliner Based on the problem description, Shouldn't the first condition be 99.9 and not 99.99?


it is solved now.


here is my code and it still fails on the last test case purity = float(input()) if purity >= 99.99: print("24K") elif purity >= 91.7: print("22K") elif purity >= 83.3: print("20K") elif purity >= 75.0: print("18K")


Kim Hammar-Milliner how? cant get the last one to work


it is already solved