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Can any one teach me a go language

I just want to explore so any recommendations or help can u guys do . Thanks in before hand

2/9/2021 12:10:04 PM

dhanush .k

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+7 The best place for learning Golang is -> I love this language! All the best!


Python and Go are different, generally serving different purposes. Python is the primary language among data scientists, where Go is the language for server-side commands. Go is the language to use to run software. It is the faster language, performing at Java and C++ speeds.


Rishav Tiwari I am just a beginner I am having doubts in that can u clarify that whether go is more readable and easy or python


Rishav Tiwari thanks 😊 and it will work in server side so I can merge with java as a server side


🇮🇳 R ok I am going to check it out


dhanush .k Check it out this tutorial is really amazing it will help you to learn GO Language May be this resource will be helpful


Here my first basic attempt