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Anyone know what happened with the comments section?. It's just disappear or now it's exclusive for premium users?

2/9/2021 12:03:02 PM

Carlos Riquelme Rodríguez

5 Answers

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you must provide more informations: + are you talking about comments section of courses or codes... or both? + are you using the app (android or ios?) or the website? for the website, I think comments of any kind were never supported... if they had been recently, it's possible that it had been changed, as web site seems to be under construction for months ^^


See your email. You have verify a confirmation link. Click on the link and take advantage of all the opportunities


if you checking comments in python courses other than python core... the comments are few since those courses are new and launched just few weeks ago... if not can you be more specific where you were not able to find or access the comment?


yeah for that you need to verify email


For what i remember, I already did the email verification a long time ago. i've been using the website platform for about 4 months, and like 2 months ago, with the changes on the website, the comments section just disappeared. Before that i used to use it.