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How to redirect to link after video ends?

2/7/2021 9:12:04 PM


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COOKIE unfortunately it is not a realistic attempt for a test here on this platform. I don't see a working video that can start and finish. This can be solved i.e. as here:


COOKIE Maybe you can listen to 'ended' event of the video/audio element. When the event fires, you can follow JaScript's advice for redirection πŸ‘


window.location = ""


COOKIE where are you wanting to redirect to after completion ? Are you wanting to stay on website but go to a different location on web page or to another webpage altogether or to another website ? Your question appears incomplete and unclear. Please use the 8 rules for getting help from the community. Your question will be reviewed by the mod-team and most likely marked for deletion. Thanks and happy coding.


Please show your attempt then can be seen where. For all cases will be needed your attempt at all.


JaScript But where to place it?