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Which text Editor can i use to write, run and compile C++ Codes

Which text Editor can i use to write, run and compile C++ Codes

1/23/2021 7:34:14 PM

Madubuike David

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Text editors and compilers (and maybe debuggers): - Code::Blocks (as SoloLearn recommended in C++ course before) — http://www.codeblocks.org/downloads - Dev-C++ (what I use) — http://www.bloodshed.net - Visual Studio — https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/ Text editors which are friendly to programmers: - Vim — https://www.vim.org [Edited]


Juice Wrld, You seem confused regarding the process of editing, compiling and executing C++ code. You can edit C++ with any text editor you wish, even Windows Notepad. Though a code editor would be preferable. Text editors/code editors can be stand alone editors or built into Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). To compile your code you will require a C++ compiler. Which compiler you use will depend on the operating system you are using. The compiler is a separate, stand alone tool but may be included with an IDE or downloaded separately. To run your code you can simply launch it from your file explorer, command line, the code editor, or IDE. The exact process will depend upon the operating system you are using. Integrated Development Environments like Microsoft Visual Studio, Code:Blocks, and Dev C++ (mentioned by get) usually provide all of the functionality in one package. The down side is that they can require more system resources than a simple editor and compiler setup; they also have a steeper learning curve. Using an editor of your choice with a particular compiler allows you to select a balance of features and system requirements that suits your needs and hardware. The down side is that you often have to configure things yourself. It would be helpful if you stated on which machine you intend to develop your C++ code as not all editors, compilers, and IDEs are available for all platforms.


@get, The only text editor in that list is Vim. Everything else you mentioned is an IDE.


get, I prefer a computer for developing since I prefer a full sized keyboard. At a push I can use a 10" tablet with an external keyboard but I find the lack of screen real estate too restrictive. I know what you mean about Microsoft Visual Studio though. I was looking into the file structure of the Solutions and Projects, Microsoft loves to change them every few years. To my horror I discovered that a simple "Hello World" command line project consumes 158 MB of drive space. It generates 96 files and 24 folders.


Martin Taylor, thanks, I fixed it now. Actually I do not use VS because of its size (Vim is ~6x less), so I do not know about it much. I use my computer rarely (compared to mobile), so... Thanks again. I was about to mention about more of those you mentioned (for example, that you can use any stand-alone text editor), but I had no time.