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since there are too many math-related question, why don't we submit debug-related question. short code with question to find the error. it will be very useful to learn syntax, grammar and debugging code.

3/20/2017 5:12:43 AM

Agus Mei

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I have one for Java-- public class Java{ public static void main(string[]args){ System.out.print("Hello World"); } } What's the error?


oh i get it now. string is not valid. it should be String.


@Davney that is good question. at first i think it is printIn but after running on play ground i realize that. i need more practice in Java.😥


is it printIn?


you are correct! it should be String not string:)


@gjh4cker i did it, but still pending. i submit more than 15 today.


We should be more dealing with finding the error! semantic errors and other not only calcution


try String not string


the disadvantage of this though is that one will see a lot of incorrect code and if one can't find the solution to that faulty code in the limited quiz time the wrong code will over time stick in one's head


Why don't you just create a question and submit it through Quiz Factory mate?


You are correct, the string is not valid. it should be String +7


You have to save with the same class name cause you are using public


class Demo { public static void main(String[] args) { byte a=10; byte b=20; byte c=a+b; system.out.print(c); What will be the output?