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solving problm

I'm trying to learn python but i'm facing deffecultes even i understand the courses and i can solve the exemples but when i try to solve exercices i find my self can't move on (where's the problm is it with the algorithm?)

1/17/2021 7:54:14 AM


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Don't just remember the syntax, understand and interpret the logic and the flow of the code. What I'm doing is I try to experiment what I can do with that new knowledge then I will eventually remember the syntax. Try it too, experiment. Take a look at this thread for tips in solving problems I've learned from other people, this may help somehow. (dont mind the java)


Review your lessons. Always check comment sections every lesson as people give extra explanations there (that may not be in lessons) and some examples. You can always ask for help by showing us your attempt that has bugs/errors so we may help you and we will try to explain. Thanks!


thnks for ur reply i appreciate it at first i was checking comments.. etc but i found my self just memorizing the code not understand it so i stopped seeing other's solution to try figuring the solution by my self (i guess it's bad idea! i need to see others idea for inspiration)


ok i got it 👌