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Code Coach Compiler Glitch?

I am trying to run the following code for the "Convert US date to EU date" code coach problem for C. It doesn't pass the second and third test cases. The second test case is: January 1, 2021. The strange this is that when I input this in the code playground compiler, I get the expected result, but when code-coach runs my program, it claims that the output is: 1 instead of: 1/1/2021 which it is when I run the code in the code playground. I think there is something wrong with the code-coach compiler. Any suggestions?

1/17/2021 7:10:01 AM

Edward Finkelstein

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There is nothing wrong with the compiler, you're just printing invisible null characters. For example when I input "January 1, 2021" I get the output "1/1/2021", but in reality the output is "1\0/1\0/2021" where \0 is the null character and to the compiler, these 2 don't match. The code coach probably reads the string until the first null character, that's why you only get '1' there. The problem is that you print %c%c ( try changing it to %d %d to see the 0s ) for both day and month, but what if the day or month only has 1 character? Then the 2nd index will be 0, or null and you still print it regardless. Also, consider using strcmp or strncmp instead of manually comparing each index for the month. :)


Thanks, I fixed it. Certainly not pretty as other solutions, but it passes all cases nonetheless. I will akm to make better c code in the future.