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Bool in C#

Hey (: Can you please tell me when would you use bool in c# ? Why ? It could really help if you'd give an example (: Thanks in advance!

1/10/2021 10:37:15 AM

InBal Karsenty

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inbal maslow beiber karsenty , there are some issues in your posted code. This can confuse people, even if you have given a hint for this. Thanks - <int> and <if> are spelled upper case, but should be lower case - <bool> in Console.WriteLine(bool) creates an error -> Invalid expression term 'bool' Here is a sample that demonstrates how it could work. code is made for demonstration only, not for use in a real project. Console.Write("please enter 1 letter: "); char inpChar = Convert.ToChar(Console.ReadLine()); bool charState = char.IsLower(inpChar); // this checks if input is lower case. if Yes, charState will <true>, otherwise <false> Console.WriteLine(inpChar); Console.Write("input character is lower: "); Console.WriteLine(charState);


Is it like: Int x = 2; Int y = 5; If(x<y){ Console.WriteLine(bool);} else{ Console.WriteLine(bool);} I know it's not the syntax, but that's how I think it supposed to look like....


Some situations are either true or false. Nothing else in those cases you use bool. Like Ischecked for a checkbox IsValid