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Please someone give me a lecture for understanding methods. I couldn't get it. and yes, ! explain void too

3/19/2017 6:39:56 AM

Legend Shees

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You just wrote this question. Wrote is a method, that is performed by You(an object). If you didn't get it, and you are new to this, I recommend moving on. Th OOP concepts come naturally.For me,it took 3 months to get that, and beleive me, I just read it once and after 3 months I was like, what that was so Easy??. Void:- its a return type.It means that a method can't return anything.


If you dont have patience, you can't achieve a thing. btw, 3 months were for me, You may be better man. I know​ you didnt understood though.


those are the three months I don't have