Does python help me anyhow learning ethical hacking?

i'm highly interested in learning hacking,it's my childhood dream to be a ethical hacker.so which programming language is highly preferable to learn first?

3/18/2017 3:39:42 PM

maruf sikder

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SQL: For starters injecting codes (not reccomended) Python: Good starter easy to use (Reccomended) C++: Speed Demon (Reccomended) Ruby: Metasploiting (Reccomended)




a lot of people suggest me python first


Being a good hacker requires you put your time into it. No shortcuts. You can't hack the NSA when you still considering which method to use. I recommend you learn ALL and choose later.


C++ first.


but hacking is my passion,i dreamed to be


Hackers are always in group.. Expertise of everything, but as a individual we cannot be expert of every domain or technologies... As per cyber laws of particular country it is always illegal.. We are not developers. No knowledge of any language required for learning Ethical Hacking. Only some good knowledge networking is required... By learning Ethical Hacking you will get knowledge how to prevent your system and data from unauthorised user. Hacking is illegal in most of countries in the world Lot of Patience required, as well as lot of Googling required.... Hacking is just like trick which we r doing in day to day life


ofc it will help you


python is the wide language used on internet


it is used to make script


hackthissite.org has lessons and challanges btw hacking is perfectly legal provided you have permission as all ethical hackers do.


I've looked into it, the best of the best have a basic understanding of every language they are likely to come across. Just because you know the guitar doesn't mean you could go to the piano and bang out a masterpiece