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pls teach me cooding

12/31/2020 3:48:28 AM

Tushar Gorai

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Start your courses now. Don't worry, you will learn it eventually as SoloLearn lessons are well explained. And People in comment sections are there to help you, they give extra explanation and examples. Good Luck Learning!! :)


Tushar Gorai This is a self learning platform .You are capable to learn things yourself .Here are some extra resources like best YT videos, pdfs, ebooks , sites etc...which will be helpful in your journey .All the best .And Use the SEARCH BAR before posting Questions ...


Please remove irrelevant tags And do sololearn courses they are good to start


Hi Tushar Gorai, Welcome to Sololearn, kindly refer to the courses in the Learn Section of this app or you can click this link to go to the C++ course. Further, here are some tips and guidelines to ensure that you get the most out of this platform: