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How to stop a while loop. A quiz from SoloLearn

I recreated this code from a quiz, but in the Code Playground I get a complete different answer then what the "correct answer" was. Why does the n//i not change and stop the loop?

12/29/2020 5:31:19 PM


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tebkanlo idk why it doesn't work, but if you replace "while cond == 1:" woth "while n//i == 1:" it works fine


And it is a infinite loop because you are not changing the value of cond so it remains an infinite loop as cond==1 true.


Not sure what the code is trying to achieve, but here is an example of stopping a while loop through changing the condition as per Zatch bell suggestion. n, i, cont = 10, 10, 0 cond = (n//i) # I simplified it with this variable while ( (cond !=5) ): i=i-1 cond +=1 cont = cont+1 print(f"after step {cont}\n i = {i}\n condition is {cond}")


You can use break statement to stop a loop.


🔥EACY🔥 that's odd, Idk why the other day didn't work.. even if it was written as you say and how was in the quiz (without the variable cond) 🤔😅 Thanks you all🙏 I'll try update my sololearn I guess


Zatch bell I wanted to know how the quiz should have been written in order to work as the creator expected Why is a break needed when (as the comment out print can show) the i changes? The output is still a remainder 1, even when i=0 , shouldn't the condition change too with the iterations? BTW at the beginning it was written as "while n//i == 1:"


Use word break