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I am super confused, please help?

I'm gonna get straight to it. What is VStudio? I have made websites using HTML CSS and JavaScript on code editors like atom and all and successfully run them in the browser so what is the use of VStudio? What is ASP.NET? Is it replacing HTML and CSS? My websites had a few HTML files, 1 CSS master file and 1 JS master file. Why are there so many files in VStudio? What is .cshtml? How do you use C# or C++ to buld websites!? And last but not the least what is the whole .NET thing and what is it's use?

12/27/2020 12:44:43 PM

Vatsal Sharma

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Martin Taylor thanks man, I know I asked a really long question so I really appreciate it that you took out time to answer it. Thanks a lot



I guess. I might be able to use it just cause I'm already using the 2012 version of visual studio.


Martin Taylor I actually read about this somewhere but the steps given there were unclear. Thank you 😊


Coding Kitty can you please tell me how to get started on it for web development. I am well versed with and html, css and js. So can I use these in VStudio or do I need to learn its languages like ASP.NET and all?