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Programming & communication

I search somebody of my age or, maybe, more experienced who will be happy (as me) to exchange experience. If you're in, well, give me the name of your facebook profile, skype or other social media network. (I want to practice my english too, so native speakers are welcome)

3/17/2017 9:29:55 PM

Nicu Vrabii

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i thing you should learn english from other source like duolingo. you dont have to be expert in english to master programming language. instead of english, learn algorithm.


I would love to help, but only through this application. (This is the closest thing to a social media application that I have) Also, I do speak English quite well. I challenge you to find the grammatical mistake that I made in this post. Have fun programming! 😎


i have read your comments. Thank you for advice, but algorithms are not the only thing i want to learn in this life XD I want some real communication, real experience of co-learning. duolingo sucks in plan of speaking practice.