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What does this line mean!

FileOperations.writeToFile(new BusinessAccount()); FileOperations and businessAccount are classes i knw that. I am just confused what the above line actually do!

12/26/2020 10:47:21 AM

Abdul Wahab

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It just means that you can write objects to a file as well and transfer it. Other ways could be using sockets or queues etc.


FileOperations is a class which has a writeToFile() method and it takes a BusinessAccount object as parameter.


ObjectOutputStream is a class which is generally used to write objects to a stream, it could be a file as well. The above line just creates a reference of ObjectOutputStream and assigns null to it.


thankew so much @avinesh ObjectOutputStream outputStream = null; what does this mean




Abdul Wahab you're welcome.


Avinesh in the above answe i m still confused in this line. it could be a file as well. can u explain it plz


thanks Allot