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I'm new into this business and need help to see how it works and if I could get any advice thanks

3/17/2017 5:42:54 PM

Stefan Wilson

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@Stefan when you are doing a lesson and you see "Try It Yourself" go there....always go there. Do not skip it in a rush to complete the lesson and get a couple of xp. When you click on Try It Yourself you will see an IDE (coding environment) with code already in it! You don't have to do anything. First step: Hit "run" and see the output. Ask yourself about each line of code: what does this do? How does it contribute to the process? Next step: try changing the code to see what happens. Does it still run? Does it produce a different result? Now if it runs save it (not as public) and retitle it so you can refer back. Indicate language and specific skill referenced in the code. The Try It Yourself feature and the IDE (coding environment) are tremendous features of Sololearn. Take full advantage. As soon as you learn to write comments be sure to comment your code as much as possible to build your understanding. Finally be sure to look at other programmers' work on the Code Playground...always ask yourself how did they accomplish these amazing things? what does each line of their code do? Good luck. Write and save lots of code. my .02


PS follow Tashi and Agus Mei. Read their posts and look at their codes. Lots to learn there. When you see a post or code you like, follow the author. Look and see their other posts/codes. I can't name all the people I find valuable, lets just say your time here is well spent....


try simple one like printout some text or make sum operation between two integer. repeat it and try diffrent combination. it take time until you can get used to code. but in the end you'll master it. its like learning foreign language. start with saying hi, hello or how are you.


@Tashi N is right. start learning, try the code yourself in code playground, and if you have problem just ask. there will be someone answering your question.


Finish the course, code during course and after that. Read more about the language, code. If you have any questions, you can can ask here at Q&A. It is helpful for the community if you describe your problem in detail and add example code to it. See this post, I described which information is needed to help you:


Practice makes perfect ^^


Whoa, Joe! You should copy and paste your instructions to every question like that. It is very helpful for every beginner.


@Stefan SoloLearn courses only provide the basics. So it is a good idea to go on with the Java course you started.


bit I don't know how to code a lot


1 - There is nothing to rush about, someone with 30 years experience is probably still trying to learn a new language 2 - You should listen to miss Tashi "practice makes perfect" 3 - Have in mind that the difference between a master and a novice is that the master has failed more times than the novice has even tried :)


you can choose one of the courses from the first tab with graduation caps picture, where you can learn the basics of codes brought by SoloLearn. you may want to learn the chosen course offline mode, so click on change then click three dots and choose that option. for start, i suggest you the C++ course, a strong programming language. wander around the app and don't be afraid of anything.


just learn more, more and more. it doesn't matter where from or who.


where do I learn the basics