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Is there any offline real-time database?

If not then how the default offline messaging app of my smartphone works?

12/23/2020 2:38:57 PM

Manash Saikia [ 45% Active ]

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SQLite is an offline database because it does not need a server. I don't know whether this answers your question. 🤔🤔🤔


Android does make heavy use of SQLite. The chances are good that it is the case with your file, too.


Manash Saikia I'll duckduckgo that for you :


SQlite or a JSON file


I was wondering how an offline system would be real time. I guess we're using local databases.


It is not possible for an offline device to update data from the internet in realtime. SMS uses another technology that is not based on the internet. You cannot replicate that kind of offline-ness for internet applications.


Jan Markus Sir, But I wanna know which database my default offline messaging app use?


Sonic maybe the realtime version of local databases 🤣


Mirielle[ INACTIVE ] I think you are right 😂