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I don’t quite understand how swift applications work

Hi, I am currently studying game development and I’ve recently received a Mac so I can develop applications on iOS and macOS. I have programmed Java and C# applications before with a game loop function named “update()” and also “drawAllComponents()” at the end of the update function. All I simply need is just a function to draw vertices, connect and fill (basically a polygon), all of the shapes like a rectangle or a circle I can implement myself as long as I have a vertex(x, y) function. But swift contains stuff like UIView, body {}, and I don’t want to use the SpriteKit, I want to implement all those things by myself. Am I missing something or app development is very different in swift? I’ve seen tutorial on YouTube but non got an update function so it makes me very confused because I am used to calling every component in my game, and not automatically update it.

12/22/2020 2:01:47 AM


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Please see swift's official sites, it gives you all functions and their work :) https://developer.apple.com/swift/