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Why is it that when I pressed (either accidentally or not) someone to challenge, It already shows that it is my turn even if I go back and chose not to play it. Will I lost exp if the challenge expires or if I did not play my own challenge? Is there any way to cancel my challenge? Thanks.

12/11/2020 9:19:22 AM


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No u can't cancel ur challenge. Only the other person can decline it. There's no lose of xp or anything if the challenge expires or if u didn't complete ur challenge.


《 Nicko12 》 You will loose in that case only when you complete atleast 1 question and then cancel tthe challenge.


OK, now I understand, Thanks! Everyone.


No, but if someone challenge you and you accidentally press it, you have no choice to play


if you accidentally pressed on someone challenge like you said you have a choice whether accept the challenge or decline it if you press accept and let the challenge expires you lose XP


《 Nicko12 》 No you will not loose XP but challenge will be expired.