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Can software damage hardware?How?

How software can pull hardware down?I'm curious cuz some softwares drain battery

11/29/2020 5:57:46 AM

Ruby Parker

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Ruby Parker Yes its possible but draining of battery has nothing to deal with serious damaging the hardware as battery draining is a common phenomenon but still its a prob.... Yes its possible tht software can damage hardware like high end or heavy softwares or spammy or defected softwares . For Eg: Coding a virus that instructs your computer to turn off the cooling fans, causing your device to overheat tremendously and eventually damaging its hardware is possible... But still Lets assume software won't damage the hardware. Think on the Bright side and be cautious .Lol


Constantly running software can overload and overheat the CPU especially when adequate heat sinks or cooling mechanisms are not used. This can damage the CPU, motherboard etc.


Ruby Parker Generally the answer is software cannot damage hardware. ... Software in many cases now has hardware control of devices attached to it therefore malfunctioning software can cause damage to the physical hardware. Source:,damage%20to%20the%20physical%20hardware.


Lay man's terms: The software may indulge in actions that are *unnecessary*, which means, more work. More work== more energy wastage. Or, sometimes some software run in background, that means it is *still* working. _________________ The battery-saver apps are usually just mumbo jumbo stuffs, which actually drain your battery. I had once commented in a post about how to save battery, but I can't find it. Quite many reasons......when a software is made to work in it's full capacity, it needs more energy. Or, when a software gets corrupt, the OS will need to rectify it all.


For software to damage hardware there has to be a compatibility problem Or The software itself has been specifically engineered or manipulated to damage the hardware


Yes it possible because they control the hardware


Yes it can be all the softwares are run on hardware thats why there are lot of possibilities like if any command spammed or any software in background it can make your device really heated or sometimes it lags a lot or gets slow.


Easily Disclaimer - Don't try this at home Just write an infinite loop in any language. This will heat up your pc and finally burst it.



Heavy software apps can cause overload on CPU, running a while or for loop without stating the break point might cause damage to your PC


Yes, but rarely


Thomas πŸ˜† Have u tried reprogramming an eeprom of a laptop with newer firmware and it worked. I think that qualifies under compatibility


If the life of your hardware depends on the cycles, it can also be damaged by running out of cycles


Of course it can, in many ways. Think, for example, of a virus that makes a device unresponsive, not too much, just at the right point. The owner will develop rage and eventually blow off with the device, causing hardware damage.


IzaiaH KaY I dont think firmware really counts as software... and also its pretty hard for firmware to actually damage hardware.


IzaiaH KaY Where did you get the notion that a compatibility problem can damage hardware? The idea seems almost laughable...