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Dear Friends I Want a help. For Dark Mode or Night Mode.

Please help me, I want a dark mode button on my code for background changing... without loosing my background animation. Dark mode has two colors. One White and one Black. If I click Black, the background will be black. And if I select white color, the background will be transparent. I means that the background also changes and the animation is not lost! Its My Code.... On which I need dark mode. And I Have Some DARK MODE Examples. 01 : 02 : 03 : 04 : 05 :

11/27/2020 5:34:22 AM

Ayesha Noor

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+11 you can refer this code.......if taking code snippets from here, ask the author for permissons to copy.


Sis try it


Sopan Dabhade Alisheyh and Saurya please do not spam other users threads. Spamming is disrespectful to them as well as those trying to help them. Thanks and happy coding.


<button onclick="changeMode()"><b>Dark Mode</b></button>


+3 Easy Dark Mode


Sopan Dabhade background img or colour?


Sopan Dabhade Take a look on this code


Di please tell me how can we upload chrome full site into html


Print("hello world")


Print("hello world")


Code is Chrome web